Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tori's Tiffany Dreams Online
By PopCultureWhore

The Tiffany’s wedding registry from Tori Spelling’s first marriage is still online. At $2,800, the menorah with octagonal base pictured above is the most expensive item purchased for Tori’s August 2004 nuptials to Charlie Shanian. The couple divorced a year later so Tori could marry Lifetime movie co-star Dean McDermott, but not before amassing things like a $1,500 Atlas mantel clock, a $495 diamond cut flared vase and a $2,585 sterling silver governor’s tray. No one threw down any cash for the $185 sterling silver memo pad holder, but that’s because they probably knew that precious Tori never writes her own memos. Why on earth would you want any of these things? When I get married, I’m registering at Bank of America. Quantity requested? Whatever you want to give me!

(Thanks djcorndog)

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