Monday, August 14, 2006

TomKat Newest Rescue Rangers
By PopCultureWhore

Tom Cruise must be prepping to pull the crazy train out the station once again, because his people are pushing a “Tom as Hero” story on the press. People reports that he and Katie came up on a car accident on an LA highway on their way home from the airport AND … drum roll please … they pulled over and waited for the cops to arrive. Great? He didn’t pull several babies from a burning car or create makeshift Jaws of Life using dental floss and some pliers? Years ago, there were reports that Tom had saved a boy about to be crushed by his ravenous fans and paparazzi and then came to the aid of a woman in a car accident. There were also reports that he saved a French family whose yacht had exploded off the Isle of Capri (…) but details, like Suri, were sketchy. He and Katie should totally give up the acting thing and become vigilante crime fighters. It’ll give Tom an outlet for his ADD energy and help Katie drop the baby weight. Everyone wins!

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