Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There is a God
By PopCultureWhore

Paris Hilton’s debut album is tanking fast thanks to competition from the likes of Christina Aguilera and Danity Kane. While Christina sold approximately 320,000 albums in her first week, Paris only managed to hawk about 75,000 records. That number is expected to tumble to 30,000 this week, putting her on the low end of the Billboard Top 100. "The international outlook is not much better for her," reports Page Six. "The international people are not inclined to do a big push since she can't back up the album with a tour. Obviously, she can't sing live."

Hilton rep Elliot Mintz was unphased. "To me, [the album] sounds huge. For a newcomer, this is incredibly impressive." Mintz, by the way, is basically paid to be Hilton’s personal escort, as described in a recent New York Times profilePosted by Picasa


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