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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Teens Shielded from Brit’s “Assets”
By PopCultureWhore

Tokyo officials apparently aren’t reading U.S. celebrity blogs because they think pictures of a pregnant, naked Britney Spears are too “stimulating” for Japanese teens. Editors for the Japanese version of Harper’s Bazaar wanted to display the pictures of its October cover girl at a subway station for about a week, but the Tokyo Metro put the smack down on that idea. "We thought some of our customers would find it to be overly stimulating," said a Tokyo Metro official. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that teenage boys are not really turned on by pictures of pregnant women. If anything, it could serve as a deterrent to marrying backup dancers and procreating before age 25. Not to worry – Tokyo will still get its Britney fix. The picture will go on display, but she’ll be covered from her elbow down with a note that reads, “"We apologize for hiding part of a beautiful image of a mother-to-be.”



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