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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taps Shoes, Ms. Aguilera?
by PopCultureWhore

Christina Aguilera appeared on “Good Morning America” today in one of my old dance recital costumes. In 1987, my dance studio at the time inexplicably thought that the entire theme of that year’s recital should be patriotism on crack so I donned something similar to Christina’s ensemble and sang “She’s a Grand Old Flag” and a big band version of “Born on the Fourth of July.” I imagine the GMA performance had similar numbers. I listened to snippets of Christina’s new album, Back to Basics, but I’m not really into it at this point. I like a little 40’s influence and big band style, but I think she should’ve taken it and made it her own – like that song she did with Nelly or even “Ain’t No Other Man” – rather tan completely embodying the era.



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