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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Stroll In the Park With JT, Beyonce
By PopCultureWhore

It was a daytime dance revolution in Central Park today as thousands lined Fifth Avenue to get a glimpse of Ellen, Justin and Beyonce. I convinced my mother to come in from New Jersey and we trekked over from my apartment to join the masses. By a stroke of idiotic genius, we got in the line for those with guaranteed seating tickets instead than the lawn seating I’d signed up for. But a lovely couple from Hartford behind us offered up two extra tickets they’d acquired and two hours later, we were in place for Ellen’s Central Park debut.

Justin emerged with producer Timbaland to sing his latest single “SexyBack” before sitting down with his host. Ellen of course quizzed him on the status of his relationship with Cameron Diaz by asking if she should reserve a bridesmaid dress for their wedding. Justin replied that she could indeed put in an order, but that she’d have to make sure she remained the same size for the next 15 years. Poor Cammie. JT also backpedaled on the anti-Taylor Hicks comments he made to “Fashion Rocks” magazine by saying that he is fascinated by the show and that he does not think that he’d be able to perform on a show like American Idol due to the negativity from the judges.

He then performed a new song called “My Love” before launching into crowd pleasers “Cry Me a River” and “Senorita.”

Ellen then announced that she had a surprise for the audience in the form of a second hour-long taping featuring Beyonce. After a somewhat prolonged setup process, Beyonce emerged with her all-female band in a yellow, knee-length dress (above) to sing a Tina Turner inspired version of “Déjà vu.” She followed that up with a somewhat catchy new song about her man being replaceable should he misbehave before rocking out to “Crazy in Love.” If she can ditch the atricous "Ring the Alarm," the album might be saved!

I will say that whenever I see shots of Beyonce, I just figure they are photoshopped like any celebrity photographs, but in person, she really is quite gorgeous. Ellen also quizzed her on her marital status. She denied being engaged to Jay-Z but praised him for being a smart businessman and expressed a desire to slow down by age 30.

Random tidbits:
** I saw one paparazzo with the zoom lense looking to snap pictures of JT.
** I spotted Justin’s manager Johnny Wright, or Johnny Record Producer of “Making the Band” fame, on the sidewalk near 98th St. He greeted someone and mentioned that he’d seen them on the Teen Choice Awards. Maybe Timbaland?
** Beyonce’s team had some guy driving around in a Hummer that was adorned with the cover art from her upcoming album, B’Day.


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