Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shocker: Model Is Stressed, Bloated
By PopCultureWhore

Fading supermodel Amber Valletta has checked herself into rehab due to “work stress” and “image issues.” Christ, if I went to rehab every time I felt stressed or fat, I’d be permanently hospitalized. Do you remember when Amber and fellow supermodel Shalom Harlow hosted MTV’s “House of Style” in the mid-1990’s? They took over the reigns from Cindy Crawford and made Cindy look like Meryl Streep.

Amber (looking bored): Hey everyone. Welcome to House of Style. Today we’re going to look at some super cute jackets. Right Shalom?
Shalom: Right Amber.
Amber: Great. So let’s look at those jackets.
(They look at those jackets)
Shalom: This is really cute.
Amber: Totally.
Shalom: Wasn’t Donatella wearing this on the yacht last week?
Amber: Totally.
(Somewhere, off to the side, Todd Oldham quietly takes his own life)
Shalom: Well, that’s all we have time for today. Remember to make fashion work for you.
Amber: Totally.

YouTube is sadly lacking in selections from the Amber/Shalom HOS days. Someone needs to upload that comedic gold pronto. I vaguely remember Shalom working out on a treadmill with Gwen Stefani right after No Doubt made its debut.

Click HERE for NSFW version of the above Shalom and Amber pose.