Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reality Killed the 80's Star
By PopCultureWhore

Make it stop! First Raven Symone wants to ruin 80’s classic “Adventures in Babysitting” and now Jessica Simpson might do a remake of “Working Girl” in which she would reprise Melanie Griffith’s role. It’s a good fit in that they’re both the empty-headed blondes of their generation, but is everyone in Hollywood too busy tanning and snorting coke to come up with an original idea?

I think a better remake for Jessica would be the big screen version of “Charles in Charge.” Depending on her mood, she could either play Charles’ object of desire, Gwendolyn Pierce, or Jamie Powell, a role that rocketed Nicole Eggert to … Baywatch. Charles could be played by “that guy” from the Mac commercials and Owen Wilson could be Buddy Lembeck. Cinema gold!

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