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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paramount Ditches the Crazy
By PopCultureWhore

Katie Holmes must be locked in a closet somewhere. Paramount Pictures announced today that they are cutting ties with Tom Cruise’s production company after 14 years because he’s batshit crazy. Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone said that Tom’s recent behavior “has not been acceptable to Paramount.” Apparently couch jumping on Oprah and bitch slapping Matt Lauer on the Today’s show doesn’t make all your dreams come true. Redstone blames Cruise’s antics for less than stellar returns on “Mission Impossible: III.” Well, duh. I’ve been a little anti-Tom ever since he ditched Nicole just shy of the ten year California “community property” mark and his recent rants have done little to help that. Let’s hope Suri is indeed an illusion and Katie can make a break for it before her handlers kill her in a secret Scientology ritual.



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