Friday, August 11, 2006

Ooh, She's a Bright Light. Gizmo!
By PopCultureWhore

I’m a bit tardy on my MTB3 recap from last week, but I think I was just so overwhelmed to once again be in BoomKat’s presence, I locked myself in my room for days to thank God for her spunkiness.

The ladies are in Los Angeles to shoot their first video and Diddy has put them up in a house that was likely used last week to shoot a porn video.

Dawn is so excited she has to adjust herself.

There's no time for dilly dallying, though. It's back in the studio with BoomKat. "Wanita, show me who you think you are on this record," she demands. I like that BK is not playing into this D-Woods nonesense.

Wanita is apparently going to be Bobby Brown on this record.


BoomKat succumbs to her “Mommie Dearest” tendencies, however, when the girls tell her that they’re not sure what version of the song will be used for the video.

“So you guys know I’m mad at you, right?” she says with a wicked smile.

Aubrey, who has apparently learned nothing from Christina Crawford, asks why, prompting BoomKat to go from zero to frantic hose beast in record time. “When you go to that video set tomorrow, and I know it’s your first video, but it’s a bunch of bull crap. Everybody on the set is going to buy into the hype. You’re going to hit your mark and then what are you going to do? Sit there and tell the world a story that you never had time?”

“I’m just saying …”

One more BoomKat-ism before they get down. “They’re not going to care what it could be until you hit a brick wall and you’re going down in flames.”

But not before shattering Aubrey’s dreams. “We’re not strippers,” BK barks. “Stripper’s done.” Those fancy boots are telling a different story honey. I’m just saying …

Ever the elegant, walking contradiction, BK begs with the girls to stay focused on set. “Don’t let the gas train kick in. Let’s just commit to it. We’ll get to that video that you want. But don’t get there and flip out on me.” You mean like this?

Bringing more credence to my theory that BK sits at home most nights watching herself in “Honey,” she closes the dance practice by asking, “What does Danity Kane mean?” She asks in a tone that would suggest she’s a grandmother battling Alzheimer’s and can’t quite remember why she’s there. It’s sweet.

She has the same tone on set the next day when crew members are hooking up the lighting rigs. “Oooh, she’s a bright light!” she coos. “Gizmo!” Does this mean she wants Gizmo exposed to the bright light and to die before our very eyes or is she warning the Gizmo only she can see to take cover?

It’s time for the video shoot. “Careful moms, don’t slip!” she yells to the girls as they make their way out onto Hollywood Boulevard. Mommie Dearest re-emerges as she demands that the ladies keep the “ENERGY UP!!”

But they make Mama proud. “You still throw the kids up against a wall and they bring it home,” she muses.

For more on the ladies' trashtastic video, click HERE.

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