Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh Really?
By PopCultureWhore

Tom Cruise is sorry for bashing Brooke Shields so mercilessly about her post-partum anti-depressant use. “He deeply regrets” the comments, according to producer Kathleen Kennedy. Ok, so either Katie has some major post-partum depression going on or Tom’s camp is trying to limit the fall out from the Paramount sacking even further. Actually, I don’t think Tom regrets shit. He was pretty heated on the “Today’s” show and probably would’ve decked Billy Bush if the pint-sized Access Hollywood host had pushed the issue a bit more. He’s probably been at home this week orchestrating the whole “Pluto is not a planet” thing. That’s got Crazy Pants written all over it.

“Today” host Matt Lauer, meanwhile, defended Tom this week. “Maybe he speaks out about Scientology and some people don't like that, but what about the stars who are in and out of rehab every week? Is that any worse? And yet you find movie companies still in business with them."

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Shut up Matt!