Friday, August 11, 2006

Nine Days Until History
By PopCultureWhore

We only have to wait nine more days until Kevin Federline graces us with his musical stylings on the Teen Choice Awards. I am counting down the minutes, yo. So far today I've heard new music from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. Question is, where will K-Fed's "Lose Control" fall on the scale of musical mediocrity? Jessica has a decent voice, but shit songs, Paris has a shit voice but noted producers. K-Fed? He has four kids, a MySpace page and a sugar mama. Again, I implore Teen Choice Awards producers to PLEASE flash to Justin Timberlake during K-Fed's performance like they did after Britney kissed Madonna during the VMAs? I imagine his look this time around will be a little more jovial. Watching that video is priceless for the celeb audience reaction if nothing else, including Mary J. Blige, the Fab 5, Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg cracking up.


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