Thursday, August 31, 2006

MTV Reality Stars Hit Red Carpet
By PopCultureWhore

Heidi and LC from "The Hills" rock the double-sided tape. I hope someone asks LC why she was such a toolbox and chose Jason over a Vogue internship in Paris. I'm tempted to jump in a cab, go down there and slap her upside the head myself.

Rev Run and the kids came out from Jersey for the show. They're actually quite a lovable family. Let's hope their hose beast of a (soon to be ex) Aunt Kimora doesn't rub off on them.

Speaking of LC's ex Jason, here is with manchild Andy Milonakis. The funny part is that the tagline accompanying the AP photo on Yahoo! describes Jason as an "unknown male." LOL. How quickly they fall.

Dude. Wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt doesn't give you street cred. Or liquid dreams.

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