Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meet the Bong
By PopCultureWhore

The curse of MTV reality looks to be wreaking havoc on another Hollywood romance. Page Six reports that former Blink 182 drummer and Playboy playmate wife Shanna, stars of MTV’s “Meet the Barkers,” got into it at LA club Privilege. Shanna reportedly spied her tattooed hubby taking a picture with a curvy patron and decided to rectify the situation by emptying her drink on the woman and throwing her glass at Barker. Are they trying the wrestle the "White Trash Couple" award away from Paris and Stavros?

Barker’s rep had no comment, which translates into, “Crazy slut needs a job.” Anybody ever watch that show? Shanna is sloth personified, sleeping the day away, barely tending to her three children and pouting whenever Barker is not gracing her with his pot-stoned presence. She had her first daughter (who looks a bit too much like Kori Federline for my tastes) with Oscar de la Hoya, who eventually recognized crazy and got the hell out. I guess I hope they don’t go the Nick & Jessica and Carmen & Dave reality divorce route “because of the children” but Shanna doesn’t seem to have trouble finding the mens. Posted by Picasa

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