Monday, August 14, 2006

A Match Made in Skank Heaven
By PopCultureWhore

As the Israelis and Lebanese hammered out a cease fire plan this weekend, Paris Hilton also reached across the Hollywood borders to allow porn star Jenna Jameson into her circle. They were spotted at LA’s Hyde nightclub, skanking it up in style. I kind of envision Jenna as the dominant friend, telling Paris what’s what in a way that Nicole and Kimberly Stewart could never pull off.

Paris: I’m not going to have sex for a year.
Jenna: Girl, didn’t that monkey bite some fucking sense into you?
Paris: It’s not a monkey. It’s a kinkajou. He’s really sweet.
Jenna: Whatever. So where are we going?
Paris: Hyde. It’s really hot.
Jenna: You better pay for my liquor. I’m going through a divorce and Dave stole all my styling products, so I’m in a fragile state.
Paris: Totally.
Scott Storch: I’ll buy your liquor baby, and a car.
Jenna: Scotty, take your growth hormone and leave me the fuck alone. Batman called. He needs your help over at the abandoned warehouse. Run along.
Scott: Word.


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