Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Like A Fat Minnie Mouse"
By PopCultureWhore

“Sister Act” star Kathy Najimy is in a tizzy over last week’s episode of “Project Runway.” The challenge was to create clothes out of recycled materials and pixie Alison was voted off for making an outfit that made her model look “zaftig,” as Tim put it. During the judging, Heidi said the creation made the model looked “plus sized” and later said during deliberations that she resembled a “fat Minnie Mouse” because of the bow-shaped hairdo. Najimy wrote to her friend and PR product Andy Cohen to voice her displeasure, saying such comments were dangerous to young girls looking to emulate those on TV and that “plus sized” is not a dirty word. I guess I’d agree, but this is the fashion industry, kiddo. Vogue’s annual “shape issue” had Angelina Jolie in their “curvy” section for God’s sake. Cohen posted Najimy’s letter on his blog and told her to watch last night’s episode, which featured the designers creating outfits for their moms and sisters, all of whom were pleasantly plump.

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