Friday, August 04, 2006

Life Begins After GOP Donation
By PopCultureWhore


“View” co-host Elizabeth Hasselback got schooled by Barbara Walters during a discussion about over-the-counter morning after pills. Hasselback argued that life begins when sperm meets egg and the pill’s ability to prevent that fertilized egg from implanting itself on the uterine wall is akin to abortion. But then she said that the morning after pill should only be used in cases of rape or incest. But then she said that babies created out of rape or incest were still viable lives, at which point Barbara Walters leapt over the desk and told her to keep her Texas-sized trap shut. Actually, she calmed spoke to Elizabeth like she was a four-year-old and told her to “calm down.” It was beautiful. Babs probably pops those pills like candy. “The View” ladies are in high demand, you know. Watch it HERE.

Cute dress on guest co-host Lisa Loeb, though. I wonder if she’s still single? I think her problem is bad taste in men. Did you see her music producer ex-boyfriend of six years on her reality show? He was a like a low rent Mark Anthony, and that’s pretty bad. Then she went on to date a friend who resembled Pee Wee Herman. Downgrade!

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