Friday, August 04, 2006

Knock, Knock!
By PopCultureWhore

Star Jones denies that she and husband Al Reynolds are headed for divorce court and is threatening legal action against anyone who dares suggest that they are anything but soul mates. Does that extend to her neighbors? Page Six reports that Al and Star’s neighbors reported that a burly black man buzzed their apartment at 4 a.m. one morning looking for Al. The couple’s publicist claims that the visitor was just one of many pranksters who have bothered the duo since their address was made public, but building residents say the guy is a regular. Al, meanwhile, seems to be very fashion forward. "I know Al. I see him in the elevator all the time - in Spandex," the neighbor said.

And I know this picture has nothing to do with Al and Star, but I just didn't want to post their ugly faces again. This amiable little sprite is Salad Fingers, an oddly alarming creature featured in some creepy cartoons found HERE. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

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