Monday, August 14, 2006

Karaoke Affair
By PopCultureWhore

Jessica Simpson made an appearance at the West Hollywood club Factory this past weekend to sing along with her own songs. She looked a bit uncomfortable being so close to the screaming masses – and is that Brian Austin Green as one of her backup dancers? She sang three songs – You Spin Me Round, B.O.Y. and Public Affair. She assumed the crowd would know the words to Public Affair, which they clearly didn’t. When she hold the mic out for them to sing you can hear her voice in the background. Did she learn nothing from Ashlee? Trent from Pink is the New Blog was at the show and was none too impressed:

She didn't come out until after 1 AM which meant that no one was able to dance for most of the night because everyone was crowded in front of the stage. When she came out I had a hard time hearing her (and I was right in front of the stage). Some music started playing and I thought it was just intro music ... it took me a little while to realize that she was "singing" to the song -- and by "singing" I mean the music was playing and she was singing along to it. She performed 3 songs (a cover of You Spin Me Around, B.O.Y. and A Public Affair) but really didn't sing at all. She did a lot of booty shaking -- and she jumped into the bored crowd for A Public Affair. Then she left the dancefloor. Everyone was really disappointed by this lame performance (her stylist kept yelling at the crowd to cheer and yell -- it was so sad). Everyone had this look of "that's it?" on their faces. After a little while she came back on stage to show the crowd that she can really sing and she did a really overdramatic acapella rendition of Amazing Grace. It was ... comical. When the song was finished she asked the crowd if we liked her boobs and her ass and then she took off again ... and that was that. I'm not sure what I was expecting ... but I guess I was expecting something better ... anything better. I always hear about these secret shows that pop stars do ... if they're all like this one, then they're really not worth attending.

She’s got nothing on Madonna’s pre-Confessions appearance at the Roxy or even Britney's "In the Zone and Out All Night" appearances back in the day.


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