Saturday, August 26, 2006

J Lo + Jesse McCartney = BFF
By PopCultureWhore

It appears that fledgling teen pop stars are not the authority on J Lo and the goings on in her nether regions. Jennifer Lopez’s handlers have slammed reports that the star dropped out of the “Dallas” movie because she was pregnant. Tween towhead Jesse McCartney’s (whose girlfriend will play Lucy Ewing in the movie) told a radio show earlier this week that J Lo wasn’t fired from the movie, she was just pregnant.

Not so. “She is 100% not pregnant,” J. Lo’s rep tells Us Weekly. A source close to Jennifer adds: “Jesse McCartney doesn’t even know Jennifer. His girlfriend has never even met Jennifer. She just got cast in the movie after Jennifer was already out. Jennifer is shooting the cover of a high fashion magazine. Do you think she could wear couture if she was pregnant?” Uh, Britney wore couture in Bazaar.

Can we address the fact that US Weekly used the phrase “Lopez is sperminated” … EW. It’s bad enough she’s contemplating offspring with the Grim Reaper, but I don’t need that porntastic description on a Saturday morning.

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