Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's National Firecrotch Day!
By PopCultureWhore

Add music producer Scott Storch to the list of Paris Hilton’s “class act” friends. He, Paris, Nicky Hilton and Brandon Davis hit up In-N-Out Burger after the Justin Timberlake concert this weekend and proclaimed it “firecrotch day” upon their departure. As you’ll recall, Mr. Davis gave a drunken, post-clubbing tirade a few months back (with Paris giggling by his side) about Lindsay Lohan in which he dubbed her “firecrotch” and said she was poor because she only had $7 million. The fallout from that event apparently did not deter Storch, who told paparazzi that the red interior of his Delorean-esque car was in honor of Lohan and her “freckled puss.” Strong words from a man who resembles the adult version of the “Jerry Maguire” kid.


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