Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'll Be There For You, Psycho
By PopCultureWhore

Is Courteney Cox really starved for attention? Marie Claire had her “I want plastic surgery” article last month, People recently had a huge “Courtney: I’m in Therapy” headline and this week it’s “I Lean on Jen Aniston.” I realize tabloids can take one offhanded comment and spin it into a whole story, but get over yourself. Maybe she’s leaning on Aniston a bit too much, because the whininess is taking over. Have another kid and name it Puffs, so you can have Coco and Puffs. That’ll amuse husband David as he takes another bong hit.

Speaking of having babies, is Diddy going to be a daddy again? No, it’s not Aubrey. His long-time girlfriend and mother to one of his two sons is reportedly pregnant again. Eh. Too many babies lately for my taste. I call for a new Bennifer-style romance or a drug problem that doesn’t involve Pete Doherty, Mel Gibson or Robin Williams.

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