Tuesday, August 15, 2006

“I Don’t Think You Really Want It”
By PopCultureWhore

The wait is over! You can now preview Danity Kane’s debut album on MTV’s web site in advance of its Aug. 22 release. I gave it a listen and honestly only like one song – “Want It.” But the hook – “I don’t think you really want it” – basically speaks to the rest of the album. I might also be persuaded to enjoy “Ride For You,” except when Dawn’s part comes in and sounds like she is about to vomit all over the microphone. If I’d had about half a dozen beers, I might also bounce along to “One Shot” and “Touching My Body,” but no promises. Why they chose the ridiculous “Showstopper” as their first single is beyond me. Diddy was apparently too busy making baby number three to consider his new superstar group. “Sleep on It” is worth a listen for its comedic value because they kept the “throw on our open toes and get jazzy” line.

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