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Monday, August 28, 2006

"I Can't Let That Go To Waste"
By PopCultureWhore

Some weirdo is selling a half-eaten egg salad sandwich and corn dog sampled by Britney Spears and K-Fed. The vacuum-packed foodstuffs were collected by a caterer who was working a private music industry event and placed on eBay. Bidding currently stands at $51 with 2 days left to get your piece of processed history. Britney ate half of an egg salad sandwich before its remains were gathered by the industrious waiter. K-Fed later took two bites of a corn dog before discarding it. “As I was picking up the plate Britney picked it up really quick giggled and said ‘I can't let that go to waste’ and quickly took a big bite off of the stick end of the corn dog,” the seller writes in the item description. How thrilling! Throw in a half-eaten bag of Brit’s Cheetos and one of Sean P’s used diapers and I’m there!


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