Friday, August 11, 2006

The Final Four
By Tiffany Westlie

So this is the finale for "So You Think You Can Dance."

We have Donyelle, Benji, Heidi and Travis; four out of a thousand.

Dancers will have solos and will then return to dance with each other. “So You Think You Can Dance” is getting kinky for the finale.Nigel, Mary, and Brian Friedman are your judges, settling in for 11 dances.

Heidi and Travis: Disco.
They are super cute together. It seems a little slow and mildly awkward; sort of like bad pairs skating. I like these two but this isn’t going to get the audiences voting. Nigel things that Heidi is a great partner. Travis is great, got to keep up his energy. Mary loved the way they danced. Brian thought they were super disco fabulous. I wasn’t wowed; not as dynamic as I hoped it would be.

Donyelle and Benji: Vietnamese Waltz.
Frenchie is going to choreograph something difficult. I like the choice of the song and the update of the older style. Benji is definitely a showman and keeps the partnering quite smooth. But Nigel thinks their turns weren’t very classical and their legs weren’t smooth. Mary was disappointed. She thought that they were going to have more powerful movement. Brian thought it was a bit tense and rough. I think that technically it might have fallen a bit short but I was a big fan of the performance as a whole.


Our top four are having their 15 minutes of fame! They get to go the opening of “Step Up” the hot new dance movie starring Jenna Dewan and hotttie Channing Tatum. Movie is opening Friday. Shamless plug. Check!

Heidi does her salsa solo wearing a crazy peacock number. Not only did she shake it, but she falls down in the end, I believe. She is so sweet and fun but I’m still not the biggest “Heidi as a soloist” fan.

Travis and Benji: Hip Hop
Shane Sparks returns to choreograph a hip hop routine about nerds who break out in sweet moves. It’s funky weird and has a lot of energy and sass. Really cool partnering lift moves. Nigel loved the idea of closet crumpers. Mary loved it loved it loved it. This woman is nuts...I think she just talked to her hand. Then screamed at it, and Brian. Brian loved their dorktasticness. They are a great team.

Donyelle does a lyrical jazz African inspired solo. It’s not as clean as my favorite girls who have left us but she still does bring a lot to her solos. I think the boys have got the competition nailed.

Travis’s solo is next and I’ve decided he is the best. He is hamming it up and doing everything in his power to energize America. He does a crazy spin that ends with him almost spinning into the ground. He really just danced for his life. I hope America listened.

Heidi and Donyelle: Broadway
Tyce choreographed their routine to “Big Spender.” Heidi out-danced Donyelle. She has the style down pat and Donyelle honestly just looks big next to little Heidi. Nigel thinks that they didn’t bring what they needed to bring to make the dance interesting. Mary thought that they didn’t bring enough attitude. Brian thought that they didn’t really bring the performance element but the dancing was good.

Benji’s solo is up next and he comes out like a firecracker. He has such a controlled energy. He somehow can take swing dancing and make it a solo and that is really admirable. It ends with him stage diving. Wow, so rock-and-roll Benji. Work it out.

Donyelle and Travis: Contemporary
These two will now have to face Mia Michaels. It is fluid and once again Donyelle is outdanced. Nothing to write home about really. Nigel thought it was beautiful and it captured their styles well. Crazy Mary loved it and thought they were captivating. Brian gives props to Donyelle.

Benji and Heidi: Salsa
America’s sweethearts have the club salsa down pat. They are so amazing to watch together. Fantastic. Lots of attitude and sass. Nigel states the obvious - they were sensational. Mary hops on the love boat for this great couple. Brian wants them to dance at his birthday party. I’m on the love boat for Benji and Heidi. They really have rocked my world this week.

The finale to this evening will be a group dance to a Wade Robson routine. I’ve got to give some love out to Wade. He’s the guy that did all of Britney Spears’ routines for the VMAs. You know you loved it when she ripped off her clothes and was wearing that sparkly body suit. Oh yeah...that was Wade. And when she danced with the snake? Wade too. Weird funky outfits. Lots of Sass. Classic fantastic Wade.

Nigel loved it and thinks they showed us why they are here. Mary is crazy and thinks Travis is really a standout. Brian thought it was “couture dance elegant.”Think it is down to Benji and Travis. We will find out next week!!!

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