Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dude, I'm So "Exhausted"
By PopCultureWhore

“Georgia Rule” is reportedly not the first movie set on which Lindsay Lohan was a little snot cake. According to a note posted by an anonymous “Herbie: Fully Loaded” crew member, Lohan’s recent hospitalization for exhaustion is “exactly the same inconsiderate shit she pulled on the Herbie production.” The writer claims that Lohan “stayed out all night [and] played the exhaustion card a couple of times.” She allegedly called in sick so she could spend the day with former boyfriend Wilmer Valderamma and skipped work the night after shooting her music video. The crew member also says Lohan demanded that the desert race sets be built closer to the Four Seasons because she had signed on to “do a film in Los Angeles” and going to El Mirage was too far away. She also refused to read her off-screen lines for co-star Michael Keaton. “Funny se seemed to have no trouble with those other off-screen lines,” the crew member writes. Meow!

Frankly, I believe it. Lately, she’s come across as this snot-nosed LA kid – like that girl on your floor in college who slept all day, took the Lexus to Starbucks around 2 p.m. instead of going to class and now works as a fashion buyer for Barneys. Lohan whines about working so hard, but if you read this month’s Elle interview with her, you’ll see that she re-scheduled the interview three times for no good reason. I work harder than her brushing my teeth every morning. Nonetheless, Lohan's wordsmith of a flack told the anonymous letter writer to "stop hiding behind blind anonymity!" Right.

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