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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don’t Mess With Mama Knowles
By PopCultureWhore

New York hip hop station Hot 97 has suspended DJ Miss Jones after she insulted Beyonce’s mother. Miss Jones has apparently been critical of Beyonce for years, so radio station officials told her to leave early on a day Beyonce was visiting another station in the same building. Timing was not on her side, however, and Miss Jones ran into the singer and her mom in a hallway. Beyonce was civil, attempting to initiate a “Hollywood kiss,” but Miss Jones rebuffed the attempt and told her she didn’t do kisses. Beyonce kept moving, but Tina Knowles stepped up and thanked Miss Jones for discussing Beyonce on the air because it only helped her daughter’s record sales. Miss Jones’ response? “Actually you should thank M.A.C. makeup for hiding all that oldness you have on your face. Now you look like the joker.” Not a good move. Her bosses reacted by suspending her ass for two weeks. Click HERE to listen to another DJ recount the event. I believe it. We’ve already seen her bitch slap Danity Kane on “Making the Band 3.”



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