Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't Jump!
By PopCultureWhore

Madonna’s concert in Moscow might move from a local university to a nearby airfield due to safety issues. Organizers fear that students might fall from dorm windows in an attempt to get a free peak at the Sept. 11 show. That’s one way to weed out the scholastically challenged. But I can see it happening. Back in the day, Blink 182 came to my college as part of the now defunct MTV show FANatic that surprised ultimate fans with impromptu concerts from their favorite bands. No one on my floor even liked Blink 182, but it was a boring night in February, so we totally tried to sneak around the soccer field in the dark in order to get a glimpse of their show. Security guards with SUV’s, big flashlights and dogs kept us at bay, however.


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