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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Be a Fashion Victim
By Kimmie Smith

Nothing screams pop culture like Do's and Don'ts. When I say this I mean, the infamous Glamour magazine Do's and Don'ts. I always wonder who has the job of finding people when they look oh so amazing or when they are so very wrong. Do they have a style guru that plays scout and points out the offender? Now, rather than waiting for that issue of Glamour to get your fill of black bars across the faces of unsuspecting fashion victims, Glamour editor Cindi Lieve has compiled a coffee table book with over 700 pictures! The book also includes fashion advice from designers like Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen, to name a few. If you are a fan of the Lucky fashion tip book, then this book is for you. Of course this makes me think that stylists and certain celebs, regardless of their star power, should look at pictures of themselves on the red carpet to see why their look is a don't! Posted by Picasa


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