Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dance Down To the Wire
By Tiffany Westlie

Let's get down to business. One hour show tonight on "So You Think You Can Dance" - love it.

Our judges tonight: Nigel, Mary and my favorite wet blanket, Dan.

Donyelle and Travis are our first new couple of the evening and they will be Hip Hoppin and doing the Quick Step. Quick Step…yikes, that needs to get booted from this show since nobody knows how to do it.

For the hip hop segment, Shane choreographs something funky and weird with masks. Both dancers have such energy in their bodies and such commitment I think it really works. Nigel thinks not seeing their faces distracts from the performance. Mary loved the concept, thought it must have been hard and said they worked it! Dan thought the routine had potential and they were pretty hot.

Unfortunately, their Quickstep was about as bad as I thought it would be. They have luminous smiles and Travis is adorable in his tuxedo, but they can’t really save this. They essentially are hopping around the stage. Nigel thinks they cheated a bit in the style and that Travis was a little bit like the gingerbread man from Shrek. Mary loves them but doesn’t think they stepped up in the dancing. Dan thinks they are cute but the dance fell flat.


Allison picks Ivan to do the Tango and Hip Hop. The tango smolders, even if Ivan is a little iffy at times with the footwork. They are really hot together. Electric chemistry. Nigel comments that Allison was in Disney’s “High School Musical”…who knew? Mary thought it was quite hot, déjà vu from their last successful outing. Dan thinks Ivan worked Allison this time. Work it Ivan.

Shane does their next Hip Hop routine. Allison looks great with straight hair and they have a cute little schtick using umbrellas. It has a smooth flow and they really work the R&B style. The ending is super sweet and once again they almost kiss. Awww. Nigel thinks it was cute and beautifully danced. Mary thinks they brought out the sunshine. Dan thinks it’s hot, and that they really nailed the feeling and flow of the piece.

Natalie picks Ryan and he is on cloud nine. I’m guessing Natalie’s not too happy judging that Ryan has been on his way out since last week. They will be doing Disco and Contemporary. Natalie has got quite a personality and has a lot of energy in the disco routine, but Ryan isn’t much of a partner and he brings the piece down. Something is off about this kid. Nigel thinks it fell flat and blames Ryan. Mary thought their energy was nice but Ryan really didn’t step it up. Dan thought it was just painful. Their chemistry ain’t there.

The contemporary selection redeems them, which is good because this is where Ryan and Natalie should shine. They have beautiful lines, and Ryan shows us in his technique. They are both strong and incredibly fluid. Nigel thinks Natalie is lovely and that Ryan showed why he is in this competition. Mary thinks both of them are just beautiful dancers and will have long careers. Dan thinks they really danced well together.

Heidi and Benji will be dancing together!!! I’m so freaking excited. They choose Mambo and Broadway which sounds great for them as a team. Reverend Tyce will teach them a spiritual routine! Ironic they are our friendly neighborhood Mormons. Their first dance is “Fake Your Way to the Top” but they don’t have to fake anything…they have amazing chemistry. Our America’s “So You Think You Can Dance” sweethearts. Nigel says Halleluiah!!! Best Chemistry of the Night! Mary echoes his sentiment with Amen! Dan thinks Broadway could use dancers like them. Which is 100% true!!!

They are also amazing with mambo. Such showmen, and really make you want to get up and dance! I love how they tried to make it look like they were having trouble with the routine during rehearsals. That was definitely fake because it was one of the best dances I’ve seen in this competition. Nigel thinks they were brilliant partners and one of the reasons that this show is a hit. Mary thinks this is the best mambo they have seen yet. Dan thinks they are super refined and really hit it out of the park. This really was the most professional looking routine so far.


We start out this elimination with the weirdest version of Chicago I’ve ever seen.

First off we bring the girls up:
Natalie- Bottom 2! (yikes, not sure how I feel about this)
Donyelle- Safe!
Heidi- Safe!
Allison- Bottom 2!!!! (AMERICA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?)

Next our boys
Ryan- Bottom 2 (Good good good)
Benji- Safe!
Ivan- Safe!
Travis- Bottom 2 (HUH? He and ALLISON in the bottom 2 is WRONG)

Our bottom four get to do their final dances. It’s heartbreaking to see Travis and Allison have to do this. America needs to get on the ball. They are the best hands down.

Who will be leaving us? Drumroll please

Allison and Ryan.

America! Bad call letting Allison go. Who will step it up next week? Tune in and find out!

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