Monday, August 21, 2006

Classy As Ever
By PopCultureWhore

Vincent Margera, known to MTV viewers as the corpulent Uncle Vinnie from “Viva la Bam,” was arrested in Colorado on Friday for suspected sexual abuse of a child. Vinnie is accused of inappropriately touching two girls – aged 12 and 14 – on separate occasions at a signing event. He is being held without bail at Jefferson County Jail. Evidence includes a cell phone picture and witness testimony. A web site reporter talked to Vinnie in jail over the weekend and he denies the charges.

DListed has some gross pictures of Vito HERE. Not suitable for work, kids.

Meanwhile, Busta Rhymes was arrested for assault a week ago after allegedly attacking a man who spit on the rapper’s car. He was released and is due back in court Oct. 24. Rhymes’ lawyer alleges that the arrest is a conspiracy by the NYPD, who have been looking to interview him since the February shooting death of his bodyguard.

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