Friday, August 04, 2006

Britney, K-Fed & the Flux Capacitor
By PopCultureWhore

Britney & Kevin on time travel (2:44 into the vid)

Britney: Have you ever seen "Back to the Future?" Is that possible - to time ... travel ... speed?
Kevin: No
Britney: Yes it is.
Kevin: Ok, but not that we know of.
Britney: I think people can do that. I think some people are ahead of us.
Kevin: Maybe. But they would never tell the world. They wouldn't tell nobody shit. Can you imagine? How many people would try to go back and change shit?

Meanwhile, what is reportedly a track off K-Fed's upcoming album has been posted HERE. Is this what I was supposed to be "shocked" by?

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Phil Albinus said...


I take back everything I thought about him -- he is an f-ing genius.

Joe Dirt meets Oscar Wilde.

She is now dumber than Shannon Elizabeth at a spelling bee. Game over.