Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Biggie Task Force. You In?
By PopCultureWhore

How great would it be to say that you were a member of the “Notorious B.I.G. Task Force?” Fight crime, create rhymes! Something like that. Six LA homicide detectives will head up a unit to investigate the still unsolved 1997 murder of rapper Biggie Smalls. The move comes after his mother and other relatives filed suit against the department because they believe rogue police officers had a hand in the shooting death of Biggie. The suit resulted in a mistrial last year. It appears that the task force will be more about disproving the family’s claims of corruption within the LAPD rather than ferreting out a rat by focusing on the theory that LA gang members and Biggie rivals were involved in his death, and possibly the death of rival rapper Tupac Shakur. I volunteer to search tropicals islands to dispel rumors that Biggie and Tupac have set up shop elsewhere.

Instead of singing about dudes grabbing up on them in clubs, Danity Kane should sing about the task force and make a video, guerilla style, outside LAPD headquarters. D-Woods could handle the heat.

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