Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beyonce's Message to Rihanna?
by PopCultureWhore

Is Beyonce sending singer Rihanna a message via her new single? It’s been rumored that Jay-Z and Rihanna have been having a little something on the side, though both sides deny the fling and Beyonce herself has denied any ill will toward Rihanna. But Media Take Out points to lyrics in Beyonce’s new single “Ring the Alarm” that might suggest otherwise. In the song, Beyonce warns a woman sleeping with her boyfriend to stay away. “She’s sold half a million – gold” Beyonce sings. Both of Rihanna’s albums have been certified gold, while Beyonce has reached multi-platinum status. Even though Beyonce strikes me as somewhat of a bore, Jay-Z would probably have to be an idiot to cheat on her. Beyonce is probably just trying for the harder edge after dancing around in frou frou outfits singing about her booty for years. The song sucks, though.

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Anonymous said...

Um, whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight because Beyonce' never says "She's sold a half million- gold." She never says anything that has to do with Rihanna. If there was never a "jay-z & rihanna" rumor to begin with, you would never think she was talking to her. The song doesn't suck either.