Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Belated Emmy Wrap Up
By PopCultureWhore

With the Mariah, Justin and Beyonce action this weekend, I’m a little behind on the Emmy news. But I watched it last night on my DVR and overall, it was pretty uneventful. With the exception of Conan’s amusing opening sketch and a nip slip care of an “Office” cast member, the proceedings were rather run of the mill.

“The Office” took home a well-deserved trophy for favorite comedy show, and “24” cleaned up with awards for Kiefer and the cast in the drama category. The guy from Monk, Karen from “Will and Grace” and Blythe Danner (Huff) were all repeat winners, but Jeremy Piven’s hilarious turn as Ari on “Entourage” earned him his first Emmy – after a verbal smack down with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” on the red carpet, of course.

In one last tribute to his campy legacy, the stars of the 70’s and 80’s came out to toast producer Aaron Spelling, including Heather Locklear (Dynasty, TJ Hooker, Melrose Place), Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) and Joan Collins (Dynasty).

And the original Charlie’s Angels. Farrah was like a teary little schoolgirl who’d just lost her bottle of Vicodin.

Tori Spelling was in attendance for the tribute to her late father, but she did not sit near mother Candy and brother Randy.

I didn’t see too many obvious fashion faux pas, save for a rather loopy Paul Abdul. Kyra Sedgwick got slammed for this billowy gray number, which could have been saved if she’d snipped the gargantuan flower off the front.

Tyra Banks also looked like an 80's pageant queen, Eva Longoria channeled ancient Greece and some double stick tape, and Ellen Pompeo's ears made her look like a "Lord of the Rings" elf. Posted by Picasa

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