Friday, August 04, 2006

And Then There Were Six ...
By Tiffany Westlie

Tonight our lovely judges on "So You Think You Can Dance" are Nigel, Mary and Mia. Our little dance stars will be picking a new partner, doing two dances with that partner and a solo in their own style.

Ivan and Natalie
Ivan and Natalie are up first doing the jive. They rock out the Jive to “Route 66.” I think they are super cute, even though their footwork leaves a lot to be desired. I am kind of a fan of this dance. Nigel, however, is not and thought Ivan looks like a little boy and that they have no chemistry. Mary loved the ending but also was not much of a fan. Mia thought it was just fake fun and not very finessed.

Natalie and Ivan are up next with their contemporary. It’s choreographed by Tyce and really doesn’t seem to land it. With all of the amazing routines out there it sort of falls flat. Natalie looks beautiful in a pink dress but that can’t save the routine. Nigel finally sees that Ivan is limited and can’t match Natalie’s emotion. Mary isn’t impressed. Mia sees no magic and thinks that Natalie is false with her emotion. Wow, Nat’s not having much of a night.


Travis’s solo is awesome technically like always; lots of turns and very contemporary. He doesn’t really change it up much, which makes me think that even though he deserves to win, he might not.

Benji and Donyelle
Benji and Donyelle are taught a Broadway routine by Tyce. Now, Tyce really is hit or miss. Tonight, it’s kind of a miss and doesn’t have the vibrancy of normal Benji routines.
Nigel thinks that Benji totally out danced Donyelle. Mary loved the performance. Mia thought that they survived on their personality but in the end Donyelle didn’t rise up to Benji’s energy.

Shane is going to bring Benji and Donyelle back full circle now to Hip Hop and popping the booty. Not as dynamic as their first routine but cute. Benji doesn’t look a little funny trying to be a “home boy.” Nigel thought it was fun and that they danced it well. Mary loved it and thinks that Benji has all the tools for success. Mia loved it and gives Donyelle props for being another big booty dancer.

Natalie had a great solo and brings back the sexy. She is such a dynamic, athletic dancer. I really am becoming a fan of hers.

Travis and Heidi will be doing the Waltz. Now, normally I find the Waltz boring but tonight it is electric between the two of them. It’s the most technically advanced Waltz we’ve seen and Heidi has beautiful extensions. Much less clunky than the other Waltzes we have seen. Nigel thinks Travis’s style works well with this dance and that Heidi is our most improved dancer. Mary thinks Heidi is sensational and that Travis finally has learned to glide across the floor. Mia is a fan of Travis, saying that he has a charisma that cannot be taught.

Heidi and Travis do an amazing Hip Hop choreographed by Wade Robson. (ie- the guy that Britney Spears allegedly slept with when she was dating Justin) It’s a funky Jungle Love number. Lots of great energy and extensions. Nigel thinks it’s the best routine of the night. They stayed together and really had some great extensions. Mary thinks they did an amazing job, that it was well danced with a sense of purpose. Mia loved the out of the box African pop idea. Heidi finally was grounded. Heidi knocked it out of the park tonight!

Ivan does his solo, for I’m guessing, the last time. It’s sad, because in his style, he is a rock star. I love his popping to a Wade Robson beat. He is really a fun, cute dancer, but is starting to be out of his element. Hopefully he will go out with a bang.

Heidi brings out the sexy in her solo. She is such a cutie and really works it so much that you forget she is essentially doing a partner routine as a solo.

Benji does his solo and it’s GAY GAY GAY. He’s just great. That’s all I can say.

Donyelle does her own passionate angry black woman routine. It’s fine, but I’m thinking technically she’s just not up to par with the rest of the dancers.

Who did America Boot?

Because of the intense heat in New York I lost power and my DVR didn’t work.

Our dancers leaving us tonight are…..

Ivan (awwww, but makes sense)
Natalie (so sad, shouldn’t have been Natalie, we don’t have any more contemporary girls)

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