Monday, August 07, 2006

Amanda Classes Up Teen Set
By Kimmie Smith

Who is Amanda Bynes' stylist? I was looking through photos today of different stars on and off the red carpet. Sometimes many celebs looks are "hit or miss" but Miss Amanda seems to always be on point. She definitely plays up her cute and sassy elements with her effortless glam looks while also allowing that natural star quality to glow. At MTV's Movie Awards above, Amanda shows that the Little Black Dress looks fabulous and is a must for all girls to have in their closets. Paired with a clutch, heels and the amazing glam bracelet, the outfit is complete! This is definitely an elegant look that is ageless and sophisticated.

Recently at the Much Music Awards in Toronto, Miss Amanda allows her youthful energy to come in again with a look that has become very popular this season, the baby doll dress. This outfit has almost equaled the sophistication of the Little Black Dress and I believe it has its elements of sophistication and timeless qualities. With this clean, neutral color palette - Amanda comes off looking stunning. More celebs should have her sense of style or find her stylist!

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