Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Adventures of Scantily Clad Mimi
By PopCultureWhore

Mariah Carey hit Continental Airlines Arena in NJ on Sunday night and hit the high notes in all her streetwalker glory. After a rather rambunctious opening set from Sean Paul (who uttered the phrase “sexy ladies” approximately 345 times), Mimi emerged sporting this ensemble:

For the average 36-year-old (Sarah Jessica Parker’s SATC outfits notwithstanding), black booty shorts, a bra top and flowing, sheer robe might seem like a poor fashion choice. But this is Mariah, a woman who wore stilettos on a treadmill during her MTV “Cribs” appearance. In person, the outfit works – big hair, big voice, small outfits. Madonna gives you riding crops and a crown of thorns, Mariah gives you cleavage and pounds of hair extensions.

Questionable fashion aside, Mariah’s voice was in top form as she handily ran through old songs (Vision of Love, Dreamlover, Heartbreaker, My All, I’ll Be There) and incorporated newer ones (We Belong Together, It’s Like That). The only annoying part of the show was that during costume changes, she turned control of the show over to two DJ’s, who played random hip hop songs that had nothing to do with Mariah. It messed with the flow of the show and (shockingly) took the focus away from Miss M. She would’ve been better served to have an extended dance sequence featuring her dancers or some sort of video production set to remixes of her songs.

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Memo to Mariah and Janet …
By Eugenia B.

Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson should form a club together, a club in which they shop for pre- teen, shrunken, half tops while simultaneously punching each other in the abs and saying things like, "Boo Ya! Your abs are tight ‘sista". Yes we get it, you lost the weight and that great for everyone involved, expect people who have to look at your ridicules circa ‘92 outfits, we are not amused and are in fact a little sickened. In the last picture I saw of Mariah Carey, in which she was wearing what closely resembled the sheer seductive curtain separating the champagne room from the strip club, I thought to myself: Good for her, she looks fantastic. See there, that’s me lying through my godamn teeth. Did you fall for it? No? Fantastic? No! I didn’t think so. Maybe if someone wrote Mariah and Janet identical memos which said "Every time you wear something that shows your belly, or slip into a garment that looks like a shark attempted to have it for lunch, God kills a kitten." Or maybe, for Mariah, we should use horses as an example, we all know how much she loves horses. Poor horses, they don’t stand a chance.

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