Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Adrianne Curry: Thespian!
By PopCultureWhore

Have Broadway producers gone mad? Thankfully, rumors of Tori Spelling joining the cast of “Chicago” as Roxie Hart have died down, though Usher is still prepping to step into the shoes of lawyer Billy Flynn as we speak. Now comes word that “America’s Next Top Model” winner and “My Fair Brady” trollop Adrianne Curry might be the next has-been to be Broadway bound. “Today at 4 p.m., I tried out for a Broadway musical!” she writes on her blog, though she would not disclose which one. “If I get this role, I will no longer be the reality TV joke that so many think I am. I will have done something that many acters/actresses [sic] have never done. BROADWAY!” Right. Because John Stamos and Molly Ringwald’s turns in “Cabaret” rocketed them back to relevance and Christina Applegate is fighting off Oscar worthy roles in her post “Sweet Charity” days. Let's hope she's offered the role of a dying cat, because I imagine that's what her singing voice most resembles.

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