Saturday, July 29, 2006

You's a Sideline Ho
By PopCultureWhore

I think I just laughed for a full two minutes while listening to Monica's new song, "Sideline Ho." The "Boy is Mine" singer told AOL Music that the ditty was inspired by a former boyfriend who cheated on her with a music video dancer. Some of the more amusing lines? "If you don't make his breakfast, you a sideline ho." If that's the case, I'm destined to be a sideline ho forever! Takeout for life!

Other signs you're a sideline ho:
- He doesn't take you to church
- He doesn't ask you to pray
- You have not met his "moms"
- You have not met his kids
- You don't have benefits, credit cards or house keys c/o Mr. Wonderful
- He doesn't pick up his phone when you call because he's making love to Monica

Listen HERE.

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